Your Kingdom come

I’d like to say that ive tasted the kingdom of God a few times It’s an inexplicable “feeling” Not only its definition known to man But an unshakable and powerful one. Advertisements

Not math<

And from that night on I saw it. Just like a math equation where I simply couldn’t show the work that led to the answer Even though in my head I knew how to solve it. I guess it was a bit much. But this time I saw it. This time I didn’t turn a…

February Ashes

[Disclaimer: this is not really a poem. But it’s emo.] (Here’s a sappy love poem that I ripped off the original poem “January Embers” from the movie “IT” and made a February Ashes version of the things that Ive been witnessing all around me lately. I’ve been seeing a lot of hurt from people and…


Most is revealed . However, shadows of their being remain. These shadows will only come to light once confronted. …or will it? Unless pure and naked truth is spoken, one will never know.


(Poem from my poem journal thing of 2k14 that I recently found. Yay) Nautical twilight. Dusk. Yea dusk. Our minds tend to dwell in that dark place while it wanders at night. That one spark disappearing into a black hole. A spark that we once grasped in our hands, potentially lost in the depths of…