What is your worth?

3:25 am 08022k17

So hi friends. It’s been a while. I haven’t had the courage to post anything here idk why.

But last night I woke up at 3:25 am.

To be honest it was hot as heck.

But my heart was heavy so I decided to open my journal and spill out the unspoken words of the many that hurt all around us.

Let’s be real. We all have days or months where we feel and look like poop.  Not to mention, all this other crap that gets thrown at us causing us to give up. Amirite?

This is for all of you.

This is for all the women and men who may at times feel worthless or unworthy, ugly, gross, unnoticed, not good enough, pathetic, too fat, too skinny, not accepted, dirty, too short, too tall, invisible, etc.

To the ones who made mistakes and continue to feel judged.

To the ones who get beaten down daily physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

To the ones who feel like they have no value or purpose.

Stop all that white noise.

Stop listening to the lies the world feeds you. Because you are not worthless.

No matter how much it hurts you should know that you are loved. And loved deeply.

You are forgiven because His grace is deeper and far more mysterious than the universe itself.

This may seem cliche, but it’s true.

God has made each and everyone of us so intricately unique and beautiful.

In His eyes we are special gems and He has given purpose to every breath we breathe.

The world can try to make us feel gross and worthless. But know that you are worthy and always worth the time no matter what.

I’m gonna be honest. I have struggled with self love. And yes I’ve doubted and hated myself many times even as a believer. But God continues to remind me how valuable I really am and that I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing.

I was blind to alot of things.

It’s not just about loving yourself and accepting yourself. Because our worth is found in Jesus. That’s where our hearts should be. Fully in Him. And not always on how we feel about things. Because He has covered us. We are already Holy, righteous, and redeemed.

So yes, it’s not only just about loving yourself. No, it’s about accepting His love and grace by focusing on the growth of our character.

For if we build our character and allow God to move in us, we wouldn’t feel so poopy and worthless.

I was reminded that true hard work, patience, kindness, loving the unloveable, perseverance and basically all the fruits of the spirit help grow our character and is exactly what we should be striving for. I’ve known this for a while but kept failing in bettering myself from the inside out. God already provided us love, peace, and grace. He already proven us worthy and given us a sense of identity. But it’s up to us to grab onto His promises and truly live it. It is up to us to cultivate it.

So as of now. Today. I have decided to submit my WHOLE self and thoughts to Jesus and work on strengthening my character while He himself works in me from the inside out.

Who’s with me? What has God shown you about who you are and who you were made to be?


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