September 22, 2k16 4:31 AM : Late night thoughts

Be still my heart. I know that you are God.

It’s been about 9 months since my last post.

Right now it’s a Thursday, 4AM in the morning.

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

But all I can think about is God and life itself.

Dawn is coming soon.

I’m Currently waiting for the glorious sun to rise. Just ready to represent a slight taste of God’s iridescent light.


I pray for the world and thank God for the air we breathe, for the food we so indulgently consume, for shelter we show little to no appreciation to, for the education/job we may often complain about, and for the relationships we tend to take for granted.

All of it. All of life. All of everything is a gift created by a Creator. A majestic one. Just as it is stated in Psalms 19, even the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

I can never explain in words how lovely and Glorious He is. His radiance filling me up each time.

My heart hurts for the lost. For the ones who only see the world’s cunning beauty and what it has to offer.

Unfortunately, what seems good is deceiving. What seems fulfilling leads to disaster. Never being satisfied. Never being enough.

Everlasting joy comes from Him and Him alone, there you will find contentment.

So weird. So great. So fulfilling.

It’s been 2-3 years since I took God more seriously. And I still can’t explain His entirety.

But I know one thing. Knowing God is what keeps my eyes fixed on Him. He never fails to show me the truth about what is real. About what is love. About what is joy. About what is LIVING.

For any of you who are going through problems that you think you can’t handle. Where you feel like you have this enormous mountain to climb.

Feelings of stress and anxiety so immense it just breaks you.

You are not alone.

Lay it down to the only one that can soothe your very soul. The only answer to the many questions that we grasp in our hands.

The Prince of Peace

Call out to Jesus. Surrender it all.

“Oh be still my heart. I know that you are God.”



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